Going Functional - Merge & Quick Sort in F#

Continuing our functional journey, in this post I will first present the Java based implementation of merge sort followed by F# based implementation. Finally we will repeat the same steps for QuickSort algorithm. Java based implementation of the sorting algorithms is taken from Algorithms 4th Edition by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne.

5 min read

Going Functional - Stack Implementation in F#

In this blog post, I will port linked list based Stack ADT code in C# to F#. Given below is the C# implementation. It’s inspired from the Java based implementation provided in the Algorithms 4th Edition book by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne. The Stack ADT class is called LLStack because .Net framework itself contains Stack data structure.

5 min read

Is Screen Saver running or not?

Although its rare but at times while building desktop based applications, we might come across situation wherein we are asked to handle “Screen Saver” operation i.e. perform some logic based on whether the “Screen Saver” is on of off. I found the following code snippet on internet almost two years back. I would like to thank the original author of the code. It’s been long time and its not possible for me to search for the original author of the code.

1 min read

Async Web Api Performance

In one of my recent WPF project, we made extensive use of async-await pattern. Async-await pattern greatly simplified the call-back and continuation based code required for keeping the UI responsive. In WPF, the pattern for implementing async-await is to invoke the IO/CPU intensive code in a background thread and attach the continuation logic on the main UI thread. In WPF, since we have a dedicated UI thread that controls all of the UI elements, using async-await is really helpful in keeping the UI responsive without having to write complicated call-back based code.

4 min read

Podcast for developers

Podcasts are a great way of utilizing your time while you are on the move i.e. driving car or riding in a bus/train. If you are unlucky like me, who has to spend couple of hours each day travelling between office & home and vice versa, then listening to podcasts while you are stuck in traffic can be of great help. Not only are you learning something new but it also helps you in keeping calm and makes the journey appear comparatively shorter.

2 min read

Dependency Injection in PowerShell

In this blog post, I will explain how we can invoke dependency injection based managed code from PowerShell. Invoking regular managed code from PowerShell is quiet straight forward. Say for example, you are asked to create an instance of HttpClient class and call the GetStringAsync method on it, then it can be done with just following few lines of code.

2 min read