Pawan Mishra
by Pawan Mishra
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Podcasts are a great way of utilizing your time while you are on the move i.e. driving car or riding in a bus/train. If you are unlucky like me, who has to spend couple of hours each day travelling between office & home and vice versa, then listening to podcasts while you are stuck in traffic can be of great help. Not only are you learning something new but it also helps you in keeping calm and makes the journey appear comparatively shorter.

I have listed some of the interesting technical podcasts that I am currently following.

  • SQL Server Radio : As the name suggests this podcasts covers Microsoft SQL Server related topics. I must say that this is probably the best technical podcast series that I have ever listened. Not only are the discussions technically deep but the hosts do a very good job of keeping the talk concise and entertaining. Unlike other podcasts which focus on one topic per episode, SQL Server Radio randomly picks up topics and talk about it by giving real world easy to understand examples.
  • .Net Rocks : Unarguably the most popular podcast for .Net developers. It covers wide range of topics. Although by name it suggests to be .Net specific but they do cover lots of open source web development stack content, design & architecture related topics.
  • Herding Code : Hosted by poplar .Net veterans like Scott Allen & Jon Galloway, this show again covers wide range of topics primarily around the .Net ecosystem. Sessions are generally hour long and you can expect lots of in-depth technical discussions on the topics under consideration.
  • Hallway Conversation : Another interesting podcast series covering various .Net and open source related topics. Unlike many other podcast series, this show is frequently recorded. Hallway conversation has an interesting format wherein the talks are generally recorded in technical conferences between formal sessions.
  • HanselMinutes : Podcast series hosted by Scott Hanselman. Recorded frequently. Wide range of topics are covered like all the way from .Net to open source world, security, Bitcoin etc.
  • Coding Blocks : Relatively new podcast series. Mainly targeted towards .Net community. If you are new to listening podcasts and are looking for something more direct & .Net specific, then this could be a good place to start.
  • Software Engineering Radio : As the name suggests, this podcast series is not confined to any particular technology stack but instead covers broad technical concepts that are applicable to various technologies. Covers lots of interesting topics like concurrency, architecture, database etc.

I know there are lots of other podcast series covering open source technologies, UI-UX topics, database, security etc. To the readers, if you are familiar with any such series and you want others to know about it then please leave your comments.