I am pragmatic and passionate developer with more than 8.5 years of hands-on experience in developing a wide range of application types in healthcare & financial domain. I have experience in working with several architecture approaches including MVC and Domain Driven Design. I am fully conscious of current and former software engineering methodologies and practices, allowing for the adoption and continuous monitoring of the best approach for working in a team to solve a problem. Some of my current professional skills include Java, C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebApi, HTML/CSS, Jquery, SQLServer. I also have exposure to F#, Node.js, AngularJs, SignalR and JavaScript.

In my current position, I am an Senior Software Engineer in Advisory Board Company, Austin where I’m responsible for building Java based framework for processing large amount of clinical data & real-time ADT HL7 feeds. My previous assignments in the current organization includes building large scale multi-tenant centralized patient’s data repository and working on market leading analytics software that offers severity-adjusted performance profiles, enabling the hospital–physician collaboration needed to advance quality goals and secure cost savings.

My key strengths include

  • Insatiable desire to learn new things and share that knowledge with others
  • Excellent in communication
  • Independent, diligent and responsible as a team player
  • Self-motivated for continued excellence